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As a native Californian, I enjoy writing about my home state and sharing its bounty. But I also love traveling abroad and bringing those stories home to readers. Here are some of my travel articles that have been published.

Inspirato is a luxury lifestyle magazine for the sophisticated traveler. Read about the Riviera Maya and its otherworldly underground caverns in the 2016 Summer/Fall Issue.

Dreamscapes is Canada’s premier travel & lifestyle magazine. View my articles on West Hollywood (WeHo) and its dining scene in the 2015 Fall/Winter Issue (page 30) or on the website.

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Or read about WeHo’s design and fashion quarter in the 2016 Winter/Spring Issue (page 14) or on the website.

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Ensemble Lifestyles is a national consumer travel and lifestyle magazine. View my article on San Francisco in the Winter 2015 digital edition.


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The Travel Guide to California provides travelers to the Golden State with detailed road map of all of the information they need to enrich and enjoy their trip. It features California’s kaleidoscopic cities, inspiring natural beauty and diverse culture. The latest issue, the 2016 Travel Guide to California is now available in print and online. I’ve contributed articles from 2011-2016.

View my articles in the print and digital editions on the Movie Business (pages 46-48), Los Angeles County (pages 86-90 or here), West Hollywood (pages 92-94), and LA Waterfront (page 96).

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Archived editions from 2011-2015

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